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Avoid pain.

Bear Blocks eliminate wrist and hand pain so you can stay strong, healthy, and young.

How Bear Blocks Work

Comfortable Angle

Bear Blocks' patented design features a handle with a 20 degree downward angle that reduces impingement of your wrist bones.

Active Grip

Using Bear Blocks requires that you actively grip the hand surface. This activates your forearms which stabilizes your elbows and shoulders.

Wide Hand Surface

The hand surface is 4.5 inches wide so that your weight is distributed across the width of your palm. This ensures your weight is not focused on a narrow band in your palm.

High Quality Aluminum

Bear Blocks are made from high quality, anodized aluminum which are rated up to 300 lbs. You will never break these blocks!

What Our Customers Are Saying

I'm finally feeling excited and confident again about being able to do pushups without pain in my wrists.

John R.

If you struggle with wrist issues, these things are a total game changer. After years of being forced to use push-up bars, I cannot over state what an improvement these are, especially for yoga. I am so grateful to have found these!
Paolo Sinats
I have horribly destroyed wrists so tehse @bearblocks are a great add to the push up routine given how they orient one's wrists. Yes I still do strength and mobility work but I love pushups and these really help.
Just got mine today, these are impressive and premium pieces of gear. Well worth the price, once you see them in person and try them out you will be glad you purchased them!
Ivan Reyes
I was really excited for my client Sheila. because of tendinitis in her wrists she's typically unable to do push ups. We recently got @bearblocks for our gym and for the first time in a while she was able to do push ups without any pain in her wrists! She was so excited!

Perform These Exercises (and more)

Who Are They For?

People Getting Fit

Getting back in shape is hard to do. A real test of inner (and outer) strength. Using the right tools helps you avoid pain and injury on your way to getting stronger. You can do it!

People Staying Fit

You work consistently to stay fit, but pain can derail progress. Nobody wants to lose momentum, but as we age this becomes even more of a concern. Do it right. Do it without pain. Keep making your goals.

People With Injuries

There’s no denying the effects of age, with most of us starting to feel it in our mid-30’s. Old injuries flair up, making “simple” routines more painful. Bear Blocks help you keep your fitness routine going by protecting your wrists, palms, elbows and shoulders.

Understand the Science

The Bones

There are 8 small bones and 5 complex ligament structures in the wrist. A traditional push up position compresses the wrist bones and strains the ligaments because of the acute angle the position requires. Doing ten push ups in this position might be okay, but trying to do, for example, a 6 minute body weight routine from this position will lead to wrist pain, fatigue, and possibly injuries.

Of course, the stress on the bones and ligaments is intensified by the weight of the athlete. In addition, the motion of pushing up and down during exercise can actually add to the strain.

The Angle

Bear Blocks solve this problem by “forcing” the hand to angle downward by 20 degrees which places the wrist in a more comfortable position. 

By gripping the underside of the blocks the palm is guided into a downward angle even if the heal of your hand is on the flat base at the back of the block. 

Whether you’re doing flat push ups, decline push ups, planks, mountain climbers or burpees, your wrist will remain protected by the unique, patent-pending design of Bear Blocks!

The Palm

One method of protecting the wrist is to use dumbbells or push up stands. This might work well for a short routine, but spending more than a few minutes with push up bars will lead to intense pressure on the palmar nerve and the soft tissue of the palm. 

Most people will shift their hand position when they begin to feel pressure in the palms. This will then cause the wrist bones to become compressed again so the athlete is constantly balancing between pain in the palm and pain in the wrist.

The Surface

Bear Blocks distribute the athlete’s weight across a hand surface that is 4.5 inches wide and 4 inches long. 

The large surface area eliminates the pressure on the palmar nerve and the soft tissue between the thumb and index finger.

This creates an extremely comfortable and stable position for performing many different types of routines.

Bear Blocks keep the wrists in a more ergonomic position

Dr. Cameron Taylor

It's time to Maximize your Fitness

Perform all your bodyweight exercises at home
without wrist and hand pain!

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