No Wrist Pain for Bodyweight Workouts

Time for a smarter workout! Work your MUSCLES, not your wrists!

I've never endorsed a product, but bear blocks are amazing! i love them!

Bear Blocks perfectly align my wrist, elbows and shoulders. They take the pressure off the joints and make my workouts so much more effective! 
Mike Anderson @mikeandersonfit

The Power of Bear Blocks...

Bear Blocks are a patent-pending, revolutionary exercise aid that will save your wrists and allow you to perform at the capacity of your muscles, rather than your wrist joints!

You’re working hard to get stronger so don’t let old, nagging injuries stop you! Bear Blocks are the smart way to push forward, push farther, and push UP!

Your MUSCLES have more potential than your wrists!

Tim Primo
Tim Primo
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Hands down THE BEST push up additive I've ever used. This product lets you complete a WAY more controlled and deeper push up. Unparalleled in wrist support for your calisthenic needs. Just purchased and already my favorite part of my workouts.
Dr. Cameron Taylor
Dr. Cameron Taylor
Orthopedic Surgeon
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Bear Blocks keep the wrists in a more ergonomic position so it doesn't stress the ligaments and the bones.
Grant Gichard, BScPT, BCHM
Grant Gichard, BScPT, BCHM
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I'm often treating people with hand injuries, particularly compressive injuries along the palm, or impingement injuries along the dorsal of the wrist. Bear Blocks appeal to me because both of those forces are reduced.​

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change your gear... not your goals


The Perfect Angle

The standard push up position puts your wrists in hyper-extension, causing strain on the ligaments and compression of the joint. Bear Blocks change that angle by 20 degrees, effectively removing pressure from your wrists. 

Stable Surface

The tacky rubber padding on the top and bottom of Bear Blocks make you feel secure and stable during all types of bodyweight routines. 


Ergonomic Curve

Imagine wrapping your fingers around the curved handle and discovering the comfort and stability of equipment that is designed to be gripped during all different exercises.

Safe, solid, and so comfortable!

Wide Surface

Unlike push up bars, which put pressure on the palmar nerve in your hand, the wide surface of Bear Blocks distributes weight across your hand and eliminates pressure points.

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Genius Fit

Bear Blocks slide together when not in use, forming a compact and stylish cube that’s very easy to store and transport.

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